Saturday, 27 June 2015

Love Hate Relationship: LGBT

Today we witness the rainbows (close enough) on Facebook.

The on going debate regarding LGBT rights is never ending

and here are my thoughts..

My principle is simple. Respect unless they have crossed the line.

And I really respect those who do things I can't do (practically everyone).

With 7 billions of people on Earth, it's almost impossible for everyone to be on the same page.

Unless an alien spaceship attacked Earth, then everyone will unite.

Until then, humans are too ignorant to realize the importance of unity.

Blindfolded by fame and fortune.

Back to the LGBT topic.

I really do believe everyone can hold on to what they believe in, unless it's inflicting pain to others.

Same sex marriage ain't gonna have someone killed.

In fact, it would kill you softly instead if you can't be with someone you're in love in.

Being madly in love only to learn that there's a huge barrier in between you.

Let it be sex, culture or religion.

I use to admire a girl form a different religion before. Then the barrier sets in.

And that feeling wasn't pleasant at all.

I respect the legalization of gay marriage, unless they started encouraging people to join.

Now that's crossing the line. Keep it to yourself would ya?

Speaking bout religions.

Countless religions do not support the LGBT communities.

It's perfectly understandable why.

But again, don't start to preach to those who are not even your religion to begin with.

We can see preacher wannabes on social media hurling brickbats to those so called sinners.

Highlighting their wrongs wouldn't make you any holier, will it?

Don't hate people just because they sin differently from you.

Pray for them in the silent if it would makes you feel any better.

Don't paint rainbows to your profile pictures just because everyone else is doing it.

I don't paint it as I don't fully support it nor do I hate it.

I respect everyone's believe in general. Just don't cross the line.

Don't we have bigger problems to ponder upon?

Islamic States killing more people claiming that it's Jihad for Ramadhan.

Extreme monks attacking Muslim minorities in Burma.

Overly corrupted politicians.

Now that really disgust me.