Saturday, 23 August 2014

What Most University Freshmen Would Miss Out In Their Preparation.

Congratulations to you, future university freshman !

From that very day you got your offer letter, life sorta changes huh?
No more sleeping or gaming to kill most of your holidays.
Gone are the unproductive days. Haha.

From bank accounts to going on a shopping spree.
Replicating documents, booking of hotel, basically trying to fulfill every requirements before the big day.

What happens if one small problem problem unexpectedly pop out ?

Haha, it's normal to overreact, don't worry about it.
We tend to make sure everything is perfect. I mean, who don't right?

What if I tell you, most typical freshmen would miss out on one important thing;

Mental Preparation.

Being mentally prepared  is vital. How and why? Keep on reading!

1. Know Your Course!
Sounds simple enough. Everybody know the name of their respective course.
But what most of the 'everybody' don't know is how their course is gonna kill them.
In fact, most student's are clueless about they're about the learn.
Worse yet for those who were indirectly forced to accept that course that they didn't even know existed!

How? : Do a little bit of research regarding your course before your freshman year kick starts.
Identify which part you're interested in, and which part you're not.

Why? : A simple quote should answer this question. 'Know your enemy better than you know yourself '
When the hard part of your course comes, you wouldn't have mental breakdown as you knew it all along that it's coming.

2. Write a Letter to Future You!
Oh c'mon, don't call me a weirdo just yet. I am not!


Ok maybe I am, but that's no my point.

Yes, write to your future self.
Before getting anything start, write on why you started all this at the first place!

How? : Here are some examples.

-I want to make my parents proud and repay them one day.
-I do it for the love of animals and humanity
-I will be an entrepreneur.
-I will not drink or smoke.
-I am gonna get a first class degree and get a well paid job.

Please only write down positive things. Unlike these..

-I hate myself.
-I don't deserve anything.
-I'm a weirdo, my blog readers said so.

You get what I mean.

Why? : Being away from your family and spending a few of years in some foreign state ain't easy.
Being blasted with multiple workload and external pressure is unbearable.
At times, we will break down and cry.
Or, we got so carried away by the freedom that we forget why are we here in the first place.

At these moments, it's the perfect time for you to look back at the letter you wrote before you enter the university. The letter will help you get back on the right track. Maybe even a small motivation to pick yourself up after breaking down.

Now you know why negative statements are not allowed.
Imagine having a mental breakdown and reading back your letter saying 'I hate my ugly face'

Bammm, instant suicide.
Suicide is never an option though.
If the letter doesn't work, give your parents a call or get help from friends. Get some professional help if needed.

Mental health is very real and scientifically proven.
Mental health awareness in our country is still very weak.
Here's an example, depression is not something you can get over with that easily.
Some are genetic. Some are that bad that medications are needed to ease your pain.

3. Have low expectations and be open minded.

Never have an assumption that your life there is gonna be a good one.
Large hostel rooms, clean toilets, everybody is your friend, rainbows shows up evening and unicorns exist.

If you expect your room to be like this.. 

And this is how your room really looks like..

Your face would be like this..

Be reminded that you're there to get your degree. Not a 4 years vacation.

Having low expectation about everything is good.
Expect everything to be perfect and if something is not, you would freak out.
Unnecessary stress in born.

Yeah, be open minded too considering you'll be with people from all walks of life.
Most of the universities even have international students coming in.

All different culture, background, race and religion.
But it doesn't really matter.
They are as different to us, then we are to them.

Don't hate people because they're different.
Hating for the right reason is as wrong as hating for no reason at all.

After all, we're only humaaan.
Read that again with some Christina Perri's tune. Haha.
Oh, not a fan of her. Never mind..

That's about it for this entry.
Tell me what you guys think in the comment section below.

To all freshmen! Especially to those who are leaving your nest for the first time,

I wish you all the best and do your friends & family a favour do take care of yourself.
With that said, lets usher in the new chapter of our lives.

Viva la Vida!


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