Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Top Achievers Not Getting Their Desired Course (Medicine)

Problem: Top Achievers Not Getting Their Desired Course (Medicine)

MoE's Explanation: Only 418 students were offered Medicine courses after discussing with MoH and MMC regarding the skyrocketing number of medical students.

PKR's Response: MoE's action was 'absurd'. PKR urged the MoE to remove its newly-imposed restrictions on entry to medical programs at public universities.

Here goes my worthless (not even worth 2 cents) opinion..

What the Govt did (reducing medical students) was the right move to do!
Considering there are only a few training hospitals in our country.
HO training qualities dropped over the decades as the medical students bloomed.
PKR doesn't seems know the actual situation when they demand the removal of the restrictions.

BUT, implementing this means that MoE must properly filter the medical students that they are accepting. Discrimination and racial factors are to be put aside.
For those who got filtered out, they deserve at least a feedback stating the 'whys' on their failure.
Instead of leaving them in a blank state of mind.

1. STPM vs Matriculation Argument. 

It's obvious that the 4.00 CGPA for STPM > 4.00 CGPA for Matriculation.
It came out in the news once; stating that Matriculation has the same standard as STPM.

Both are equivalent alright. But their standards are definitely not the same.
This is why STPM is recognized worldwide but only certain overseas universities recognizes Matriculation.

Going back to the problem, TOO MANY 4 FLAT students not getting medicine.
I caps locked them. Too many 4 flat-ers.
Solution? Reduce 4 Flat students by increasing the standard for Matriculation exams.
(but sadly it's very unlikely for this to happen due to certain aspects)

Fyi: I'm against universities only accepting 4 Flat students for Medicine courses.

2. Typical Malaysia Mindset

Doctor = Rich + Good Life. This equation was valid. Not anymore.
It's people who go for medicine for the fame and fortune that contributes to the increase death rate as the result of human/medical error. Doctor ain't a easy job bro.

Here's something interesting..
In the UK, when doctor graduates and work for their first time, they called it 'Killing Season' & 'Black Wednesday'. Death rates rises by 6 %. You would be killing people and get away with it if you're not sued.
Check it out here.

Yes, human can't avoid mistakes. In fact, a lot of doctors make mistakes multiple times.
But they don't just go around and tell everyone that. All doctors can do is to minimize them.

How to avoid this type of mindset? Educate the people. (Govt plays a huge role)
Expose students to what is going on around them.
More importantly, help them to explore ALL the courses available.
Broaden up their views or they will be brainwashed by either their family or the pressure from the society to take up medicine for the moneyyy.


Let's face it. Opposition will tend to go against the Govt most of the time.
It's kinda their job (it is) and I did not say that this is a bad thing.
For the Govt to implement something new, please go all out and not *melepaskan batuk di tangga*.
(Wah I still remember peribahasa xD)

I do apologize in advance if any of my statements were inappropriate / incorrect.
(I'm just a kid ~(._.)~ )

Merely sharing my opinion and has no intention to take side on any political parties.
( I dislike politics )

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.. If you want to, that is.
( DO IT ! )


  1. my comment:

    maybe u need to change ur blog's background.

    Too dark vs bright green = sakit mata. *ngeeee*

    Must educate students that there are more jobs/fieldworks selain doktor. Even in the medical field.

    Then if they still want to persue medic, boleh cuba study abroard. Can try timur tengah contohnya. Ramai je lepasan KMPk sambung medic, dentist di sana. :3

  2. ye ke? haha. thanks. will do it right away! :P

    Yup, majority chooses doctor as the path looks safe and promising..
    Like u said, must educate them. This is where programs like GTK and OMC comes in xD

    Setahu sya, matric x diterima oleh uni kt timur tngah. Tak tau laa.
    Sponsor under Mara, kan?

  3. yang sambung di timur tengah tu pakai result spm. haha.