Monday, 4 August 2014


Haven't posted any new entry for a month now.

I've been writing some stuff but i just didn't want to post them yet.
Some were sensitive and some are not quite ready. Plus I'm too shy to post it. Yes, I'm shy. Deal with it.

Well, what's this entry about? Just to express what I've been thinking lately.


If you didn't know, I finished my matriculation and I'm currently waiting for my university offer result (UPU).
Then it got me thinking. I didn't get any scholarships. I'm going to appley for the government loan (PTPTN).
Everything a typical student would be.
Looking at my friends, a lot of them are going to overseas for their degree.
Yeah, some are fully supported by their family and some are fully sponsored (or loans) by organisations.
It's a bitter feeling. Knowing that perhaps I didn't try my best to grab the chances of studying abroad.
I know, studying locally ain't that bad.
But the course that I wanted is not in the local government university.
I had to choose the one closest to it.
The environment would be like Matriculation all over again with a more freedom of course.
Which is not something i'm looking forward to.


Well, on the bright side..
Everyone should be grapefruit for what they get right? I suppose.
Not everybody will get a chance to even have the proper education.
At least, we're not living in a war zone.

Nick Vujicic have no limbs and he's successful. 

Sam Berns has a extremely rare medical condition, but he's still happy.

Their life problems make mine look like a dust.

Bottom line is, there's always two sides to your situation. Positive and Negative.
It's normal to have days where you surrender yourself to your negative thoughts.
But just bear in mind that there always a positive side for you to look at.
Greener side or the silver lining or whatever side you wanted to call it.

Turn your nothing into something.
Good luck for your UPU result.

The difference between a successful person is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. -Vincent Lombardi

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