Sunday, 8 June 2014

MATRICULATION : Result is Out ! Time for a Self-Reflection ?

If you're reading this you're most probably clicking the link on Facebook or Twitter. 
Which means you're probably on Facebook or Twitter for quite a long time now.
Which means you're probably bored and have nothing else to do. 

So, here's what you can do for the next few minutes.
Since the result is out for a few days now.
It's about time for a self-reflection ( Refleksi Diri ).

What is a Self-Reflection?

Self-Reflection is like a postmortem after an event. This is when you think back on what you've done and the problems that occurred. Bare in mind that even with a perfect pointer, your score is NOT perfect.
Continue reading, I'll explain more later.

Why? So that next time, you don't make the same mistakes and you further improve yourself.
I'm 100% sure that you don't want the same thing to happen when you're in a University.

''It's okay to make mistakes but it's stupid to not learn from them.''

Okay. Now, I'm going to split this into two parts according to results.
If you think that your result is BAD or not that good, read the FIRST part.
If you think that your result is GOOD or perfect, read the SECOND part.
You're more than welcome to read both if you want :)


The only bad thing about getting a bad result is that it's harder to get the course you want in university.
And that's it ! Nothing more. It doesn't mean that you're going to fail in life, or never getting married and so on. Your challenge now is just to struggle and get a place in the university.

During your self reflection, ask yourself these questions..

Improve the way you study. It all comes back to YOU.
No matter how many lecturers you go to, if YOU don't try hard, it's useless.

Try to improve and all the best to you in university !

If you're a KMPk student need any help finding the right course, join this group.


The friendly alumni will help you out. Ask them anything :)

You Might Be Different.

People shouldn't be judged by their exam results.
If you tried hard and still find it hard to score, maybe this is just not your thing.
I know a lot of people with low PNGK but their talent in other area are so damn high.
Leadership, Singing and even in doing business. Some even have knowledge a lot of 4 Flat people don't.

I find this picture very interesting.

I really hope you guys with low pointer don't give up just yet.
Continue searching for what you do best and go for it.
I'm sure you guys heard how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs didn't do well too in college right?
Before that, you must have the right attitude. Like one of my friends here..

Awesome words huh? I really look up to these type of people.
Hope he don't mind me screenshot-ing his post. Haha.
Don't give up on your dreams. Your journey is not over yet :)

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.


First and foremost ...

             ... for getting good grades ! 

Must be satisfying to know that your hard work paid off huh? You guys did well :)
And the best thing about this is that you know for sure that your family (parents especially) are very proud!
Best feeling ever when they smile because of your result!

But, this is not why I'm writing this.
Back to the topic. Self-Reflection.

'' But what is there to reflect? I got good grades! ''

Well, there's where you're WRONG.
You might get 4 flat on your result slip. But think about it; deep down inside..


Think back on how you did during PSPM 2.
Take me for example. For my Physics Paper. My Paper 2 was still considered okay.
My Paper 1 was bad! Due to lack to time, I blindly shaded more than 10 questions.
I barely read nor calculate for all those questions.

That was the last paper before we head home..
After the exam, while everybody is sad about the farewell but I'm dead worried about my paper.
I'm sure SOME of you went through the same situation.

You know that you did badly for that paper. But your result states otherwise. 

And this is only Matrics level. Imagine if you did the same mistakes in STPM or A-level exams.
You'll be crying when your results is out. Just some food for thoughts.

Of course, for those who worked hard throughout the semester, different story la.
You deserve your good grades!
But anyways. That's just a simple reflection.
We got what we aimed for from the beginning. 
Before you labelled me as an ungrateful dude, I am VERY thankful for my result ! 
Couldn't have done it without my Family, Lecturers and Friends.

That face you have when you first find out your grades.


Don't let your exam result influence your life.

You did bad? Look at the bigger picture in life.
Your exam result problem is as small as an atom compare to all the other real problems in the world.

You did great? Good for you. Haha!

Please leave a comment and tell me what do you think about this entry !
I'll try to improve next time :D

All the best in your University Life ~


I'm going to leave you guys with a QUESTION to test 'rusty' brains now.
I'll post the answer in my next blog entry !

QUESTION : A traveler comes to a T-junction in a road leading to two villages. In one village, the people always tell lies, and in the other village, the people always tell the truth. The traveler needs to conduct business in the village where everyone always tells the truth. A man from one of the villages is standing in the middle of the T-junction, but there's no indication of which village he resides in. The traveler approaches the man and asks him just ONE question. From the man's answer, he knows which road to follow. What did the traveler ask?


  1. Great post siaang! 100% agreed with it.

    There's always a silver lining on a cloudy day. :)

    My guess for the qstion: Can you tell lies.


    -abg noi-

    1. Abg Noi ! Thanks!
      Yes, that is true. Hopefully everyone can see that ! :D
      Not really. try again :P Haha.
      Next entry is in a few days. Thanks again :)

  2. Very interesting blog.. Suka sangat gambar2 yg U letak.. Fun laa!:D cara penulisan pun best! Good luck ya masuk U nnt! Jom sama2 usaha, FIRST CLASS DEGREE..insyaAllah..muahahahah:D

    1. Hey ! Thanks for your feedback :D
      Hehe, smua gmbar tu curi kt google je.
      Good luck to u too! Yes! kita boleh ! haha :)