Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Jawatan Perwakilan Pelajar (JPP) is the name of the student councils in Matriculation 
Colleges in Malaysia.

I WAS the Deputy Academic Exco.

I'm going to share SOME of my experience right here.

If I were to share ALL of them, it would be a book instead of a blog entry. Haha!

I find that the things I've learnt and the experience gained are priceless. 

Campaigning Before General Election

I hate politics to be honest. I hate promoting myself. I hate promising things.

But I forced myself to do it as I don't want to leave college with only a good pointer in hand.

About a year ago, I run my campaign together with an awesomely weird friend, Thanis.

Embarrassing ourselves in public was our mission. LOL.. I'm serious.

1.We went into every lecture hall to promote ourselves.

2. We wore a cardboard around our neck; walking around asking people to vote for us.

3. Stood on chairs and giving a random speech in public (Anjung Siswa)

The third one was the most embarrassing one yet. Some students even took videos. LOL! 

Candidates Manifesto Presentations 

From the right; ME , Lee , Thanis

Guess what? All three of us got a spot in the student council :)

My Poster + Manifesto ! Haha.

Yup, that's me in dark blue. I got the highest votes for my Module! Thanks to the awesome people there!

That happiness didn't last long. Soon, something else hit me hard in the face.

I come to realise that after this, I'm going to be carrying a huge responsibility.

Don't believe me? Ask Thanis. Shortly after the announcement of Election winners, Thanis asked me 

Why do i look so down and is something bothering me?

I didn't tell him why. Thanis, If you're reading this, now you know xD 
Overall, the election was unforgettable.

JPP 2013/2014. Our first photo together.
Life After The General Election

Wait, what life? Haha. To be honest. I'm lifeless after the election.
It's either JPP work or Homework. Barely any time for anything else; including studying.

Sometimes, you can find me walking back to my room at 10 pm at night, still in my formal shirt.
Yeah, that means I haven't shower since morning! Haha. But hey, I still smell good. I think :)

Conflict? A normal thing. Shouting, getting emotional, table slamming.. *yawnn

When it comes to events, life gets even busier.
Meetings and more meetings. Phone calls after phone calls.

The JPP room becomes our second room in our college.

Walking in and out of Hal Ehwal Pelajar (HEP) and Pejabat Pentadbiran.

I still remember during sem two, when I'm handling an event.
In every lecture, I will be sitting at the back corner of the lecture hall.

I will only sit at the orange zone (Ignore the 4 classmates of mine. Haha).

Just in case anyone is calling or I need to see the HEP, I will take the red exit ;)

To be honest, I'm not that type that concentrate 100% in lecture or complete ALL of my homework. I NEVER complete ALL my past year and also tutorials in these two semesters.
Kinda shameful. Haha. 

I only seriously study a month before the exam. During that time, I will skip JPP meetings if necessary. Priorities bro..

That's about it. Not much of a life but it was awesome. 

The people I met make everyday a special one :)

What are the new things I've learnt?

1. Event Handling.
2. Negotiating with Outsiders.
3. Paperwork.
4. Works and Friends.
5. Leader and Boss.

So much more. Those are just the surface.
Don't worry, you still have chances to learn all these in universities.

Though, I still have a lot to learn. My skills and knowledge are still as shallow as the river nearby my house.

Over the weekend, I met a few people who literally blow me away with their knowledge.
Let me remind you, exam pointer is as empty as the vacuum of space.
What am I talking about?
Will update about that soon.


Again, the things I shared earlier was just the surface of the deep ocean.
A lot more things happened in between. Dark and Bright fringes.

JPP is NOT the best organisation I've been into. That I have to admit.
But thank God certain people in the group help me have fun there while working.
I really appreciate their commitment and encouragement throughout the whole year.

To be Honest. This is something that is very hard for me to let go. I miss them a lot :)

The Geng. Haha. Sort of.

Lee :)

Siang + Afiq + Thanis = AFTASI  


With 'Botak Legend' & Afiq

Acap & Liana
Wawa !

Geng Selfie

Below is the answer to the previous question.
The man would have to carry the goat first and keep it on the other side (side B) of the river, as the tiger will 'definitely' not eat the grass, even if left alone on side A. After having done this, he will come back from side B, take the tiger from side A along with him and put it on side B. Now, while coming back again from side B, he will again carry the goat with him. This is because, if it is left alone on side B with the tiger, it will be killed. So, he will bring it back to side A, keep it and carry the grass to side B. Now, when he finally returns, he will carry the goat from side A to side B. All are safe and the job is done!


  1. veri exemplified siang...u had beautiful moments wit all of us 2....

    1. Thanks ! Sorry for late reply. Hehe !
      yes i did bro :)

  2. TZe Siang.... im a fren of tan aun shun.....
    I wana ask that do u recomend ppl to go for JPP????????????

  3. Hey! Yes, JOIN ! Replied u in fb already :)

  4. too heavy for me as i read ur blog,.... im goin to tarik diri...

    1. Haha, okay, your choice.
      You can be the Biro though. It's still the student council. Under JPP..
      Less burden.