Monday, 2 June 2014

Choosing a Not-So-Famous Course in University.

I'm a student from Perak Matriculation College.
Yeah, I got a good pointer for my first PSPM (was lucky enough, thank God).

Every single time my friends asked me about what course I applied for in UPU, most of them were shocked.
Okay, here we go. I applied for a degree in counseling in University of Malaya (UM). 
Below are examples of a few faces I received.

Or this might be you right now

Anyways, enough exaggeration. I feel like blogging about this because I really want people to be who they want to be instead of being drifted away in a stream with a strong current built by the society; mainstream.

'What's Your Ambition?'

A common question when we're a kid. I hate this question.

'What Course Do You Want to Take in University?'

A common question for us young 'adults'. I ALSO hate this question.

Both questions are somehow related. Might be a simple question to certain people but to some, this question is harder compare to Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions. Okay, maybe not. but the point is, some group of people allocate tremendous amount of time thinking about this question.

If you ask me how do you solve this dilemma? Its quite simple, I think.
Ask yourself these two questions below.

1. What do you want to DO when you grow up?
Be reminded that what you want to DO and what you want to WORK is two different things.
Personally, I hate the whole concept of 'WORK'. I don't like spending my life on doing something i don't like. *THIS is why people have Monday Blues. THIS is why people get excited when Friday comes.
THIS is why Rebecca Black decided to torture people with a song named Friday.
Just Kidding about her song. I heard her vocal is better now. No offence. She's awesome.

My Personal Answer : I love talking to people. Motivate them to be specific. I dreamed of travelling the world having my own motivational talks in a global scale.

Okay, I'll give you a moment to laugh.. 

Back to the topic. I like motivating people, interacting with crowds.
Hence, I choose a degree which has a higher probability for me to meet a lot of people.
I applied for degrees to be a counselor, a lecturer and also a doctor.

See what i did there? I asked myself of what I want to DO. Then, I pick a relevant Degree.
The next time you want to ask a kid what's his/her ambition, DON'T.
Ask what he or she want to do in her life instead. Let their imagination run wild :)

2. Why do you want to DO what you want to do?
Let me untangle this question for you. After you have answered question number 1, ask yourself Why?
Doing something for the wrong reason is not a good sign at all.

I'll take medicine as an example.
You can have a burning passion in being a Physician, but if you only want to do it for the sake of fortune, then you sir are in the wrong road. You're advised to take the nearest U-turn while available.
This industry (in Malaysia) is already facing a lot of problems with the saturated number of freshmen with limited number of training hospitals. In the future, work is not guaranteed for freshmen anymore. In short, increasing of quantity of 'doctors' are degrading the quality of their service. Not going to go in detail. But if you're interested in these type of problems the medical world is facing right now, I highly recommend you to read this blog.

My Personal Answer : Why I want to motivate people? I love the feeling I got when I know that I successfully influenced or persuade someone to do something. Something good of course. After any speech or public speaking that I did, I felt delighted if someone gave me a positive feedback about what I had said earlier. About how my speech helped him/her in some ways etc etc.. And also other reasons which I'm not going to state. You get what I mean.


1. What if what I want to do is not what a lot of people are doing?

It's not easy to be different. Parents and friends' expectations are all the same.
If you got good grades or pointer, their mind is set to think that you're going for courses like Medicine or Engineering and so on. Well, i think it's time we break this chain. Don't give a damn about what people around you are saying about your decision. If you are really sure that you want something, go ahead and grab it. Work hard on it and pray hard that you'll be successful. I always have this in my mind. For all my friends who ever doubt me in becoming what i want, I can't wait for the moment when I'm successful, I'll find you back and rub it in your face and say just 3 words. I DID IT. Mark my words.
Dare yourself to be different. You only have this ONE live to prove it.
Artist? Actor? Singer? Zoologist? Teacher? Navy?
If your heart want to do something so badly, do it. Not everyone have that type of passion.

2. What if I don't get a JOB by the time I graduate?

This is what everyone is afraid of. But hey, let me tell you this. There will be jobless doctors in the future.
Everyone will worry about this. So, its not just you.

Recently, in the UM Counseling interview, I was interviewed by a very nice lady. She was the Head of something in the Counseling department. I forgot her position. At the end of my interview, i told her about my worries about not getting a job after graduating. Her reply was; ''You should worry about getting your degree first. There are plenty of jobs out there. About being the minority, who knows you might be the one who changes everything ''.

See, she's telling us to not only look at the small picture. It's not merely just study and work.
The bigger picture is that how we can revolutionise what might seem to be the minority right now to be something big in the future.

To conclude, you have only ONE life to live. Don't do what other people want you to do.
It's not their life. It's yours. You be the Boss to decide what you want.
Set aside on what other people thinks about you. Set your own goal and work hard to achieve it.

That's about it for this entry. I'm very sleepy and tired right now. 
Everything i wrote is just my opinion. I don't claim for all those facts to be true.
Feel free to give me your feedback and comment if you're against any of my opinions. I'm ready to listen :)

The sentence with * means that I took some of the idea from a Malaysia Youtuber Mr Aiman Azlan.
Aside from being a great speaker, he's actually a very humble and nice guy. I really look up to him.

Till we meet again.


  1. Deep! am doing a 'minority' course that probably no one in malaysia knows. hahah totally get u :)

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