Saturday, 10 May 2014

USM Doctor of Medicine Interview

When my seniors say prepare to travel around Malaysia after your Matriculation exam, 
I thought they were kidding.

The USM interview results came out during our Peperiksaan Semester Peringkat Matrikulasi 2 (PSPM 2). Quite a lot of my friends got the interview as well.

Medicine and Dentistry 's interview is at the Health Campus which is located in Kubang Kerian. 

Yes, Kelantan.
For courses like Engineering and Pharmacy, the interview is located at the main campus which is in Penang. My Beloved hometown. Haha!

How to get there?

The first question that came to my mind. Thought of going to my roommate's house which is a 15 minutes trip to USM Health Campus. But then my parents are doubtful and so they travel with me all the way to the land called Kelantan by bus. From Penang, it's a 7 HOURS trip! Pretty tiring. We stayed at Tune Hotel. A rather cheap hotel with good atmosphere. No, they're not pay me to say this. Lol. 

This part is not important so I'll keep it short. Haha.

The Interview 

I was scheduled to register for the afternoon session. 2.15pm.
During registration, they demand for your IC, SPM cert and also they go through all your certs.

Then, they'll lead you to your interview rooms. There's about 10 interview rooms with 4 chairs outside of each room.

To be honest, everyone there is your friend. You can start speaking to anyone and they'll do just the same. Though, I was quite happy to meet a couple of my friends whom i did not expect to see and also meet a few new awesome people.

When i was waiting for my turn (seated outside the interview room), I was chit chatting with the people who sit near me. We were laughing away by cracking stupid jokes and stuff. Hahaa.
Met a few 'SeLENGorians'! << Inside joke here. Don't worry if you don't understand. Lol.

It's not long before its my turn for the interview.
*Insert some scary music*

The interviewers introduced themselves as Dr Azlan and Dr Wong.
Then they brief me about the interview procedures. There are 2 phases.
First phase is The Self Introduction + Why You Choose Medicine.
Second phase is Reaction to a Given Scenario.
You must speak English in either one phase, and speak Malay in another.
Meaning, if you choose to speak English during Phase 1, you have to speak Malay during Phase 2 and vise versa.

I started with English and introduced myself and talk about my backgrounds. Bla bla bla..
As i talked they look through my Folder containing my certs.
After I explained on why I choose Medicine, the started to bombard me with questions like 'why this? and 'why not that?' type of questions. They even ask me about my scouting days. Haha. Days of gold.
We spend quite a long time on 'why i choose medicine' part. I explained everything including what i like to specialise in and why. They asked me quite a lot of questions that time. Questions include, "Why USM?", "What do you think of the Houseman Probation Period is for", etc etc.

Next part, it's in BM. The scenario given to me was okay i guess. ''An unmarried girl in your college is pregnant and goes to you for some help. She asked you to go to the hospital with her to have an abortion.'' They gave me a minute to read. So i just imagine if that really happen to me, what would i do. I explained everything and there's actually a moral value behind it all. I was quite amaze about how true it is when Dr Azlan explained to me afterwards.

Moral behind the Scenario: Know your own limitation. Period. 

The interview session with this two Doctors was amazing. There were times whereby we laughed and there were times we were quite serious. At the end, they asked me if I have any questions in mind to ask them. My brain did not generate any good question at that time. So I asked them a completely unrelated question. Dang it!

I should've ask them a more beneficial question.
It's right after i walked out of that room that i think of some questions to ask them.
So, it's a lost for me. I mean, how often you get to ask two great doctors any questions you want?

After the interview, there's a personality test. Don't worry. They're just some objective questions.
Nothing much to worry here. Just be honest and answer all those questions. No time limit is given.



I've been wanting to say this for a long time.
I dislike preparing for an Interview !
I dislike reading up facts about the universities (for the sake of the interview) !
I HATE memorising facts about the courses (for the sake of the interview) !
Yaada yaada yada..

Interview suppose to be about finding the right person for the company/ university.
Just be who you are. Everyone is unique in their own ways.
If I were the interviewer in a university, a student who knows all the histories and the names of the management doesn't really impress me.

Well, some might disagree and say ''Hey! Doing research about your university shows how much you want that course they're offering''.
I agree with that but traveling hundreds of kilometers for the sake of an interview is already a good proof and during the interview, the interviewers are smart enough to see who is really passionate and who is not.

My interview overall was okay I guess but there are still
a lot of rooms for improvements.

I would also like to express my gratitude to all of my seniors ( KMPk and also Jambulian Seniors) who shared their stories with me before and after the interview. Thank you so much!

To wrap this up, I presume you're reading this because you have an interview soon.
So, All the Best. Just be who you are. God Bless :)


  1. Hi there. Yah, having an interview soon. Thanks so much for sharing :)

    1. You're most welcome! Hope your interview went well :)

  2. yo Mr. racist royang. u inspired me. benci! huh

    1. Racist? royang? haha!!
      Inspired in what way? aku benci kau gak. hehee :P

  3.! scary dgr experience interview ang..:-)

  4. mana scary ?! haha. so far interviewer smua baik. nasib baekk xD