Saturday, 23 August 2014

What Most University Freshmen Would Miss Out In Their Preparation.

Congratulations to you, future university freshman !

From that very day you got your offer letter, life sorta changes huh?
No more sleeping or gaming to kill most of your holidays.
Gone are the unproductive days. Haha.

From bank accounts to going on a shopping spree.
Replicating documents, booking of hotel, basically trying to fulfill every requirements before the big day.

What happens if one small problem problem unexpectedly pop out ?

Haha, it's normal to overreact, don't worry about it.
We tend to make sure everything is perfect. I mean, who don't right?

What if I tell you, most typical freshmen would miss out on one important thing;

Mental Preparation.

Being mentally prepared  is vital. How and why? Keep on reading!

1. Know Your Course!
Sounds simple enough. Everybody know the name of their respective course.
But what most of the 'everybody' don't know is how their course is gonna kill them.
In fact, most student's are clueless about they're about the learn.
Worse yet for those who were indirectly forced to accept that course that they didn't even know existed!

How? : Do a little bit of research regarding your course before your freshman year kick starts.
Identify which part you're interested in, and which part you're not.

Why? : A simple quote should answer this question. 'Know your enemy better than you know yourself '
When the hard part of your course comes, you wouldn't have mental breakdown as you knew it all along that it's coming.

2. Write a Letter to Future You!
Oh c'mon, don't call me a weirdo just yet. I am not!


Ok maybe I am, but that's no my point.

Yes, write to your future self.
Before getting anything start, write on why you started all this at the first place!

How? : Here are some examples.

-I want to make my parents proud and repay them one day.
-I do it for the love of animals and humanity
-I will be an entrepreneur.
-I will not drink or smoke.
-I am gonna get a first class degree and get a well paid job.

Please only write down positive things. Unlike these..

-I hate myself.
-I don't deserve anything.
-I'm a weirdo, my blog readers said so.

You get what I mean.

Why? : Being away from your family and spending a few of years in some foreign state ain't easy.
Being blasted with multiple workload and external pressure is unbearable.
At times, we will break down and cry.
Or, we got so carried away by the freedom that we forget why are we here in the first place.

At these moments, it's the perfect time for you to look back at the letter you wrote before you enter the university. The letter will help you get back on the right track. Maybe even a small motivation to pick yourself up after breaking down.

Now you know why negative statements are not allowed.
Imagine having a mental breakdown and reading back your letter saying 'I hate my ugly face'

Bammm, instant suicide.
Suicide is never an option though.
If the letter doesn't work, give your parents a call or get help from friends. Get some professional help if needed.

Mental health is very real and scientifically proven.
Mental health awareness in our country is still very weak.
Here's an example, depression is not something you can get over with that easily.
Some are genetic. Some are that bad that medications are needed to ease your pain.

3. Have low expectations and be open minded.

Never have an assumption that your life there is gonna be a good one.
Large hostel rooms, clean toilets, everybody is your friend, rainbows shows up evening and unicorns exist.

If you expect your room to be like this.. 

And this is how your room really looks like..

Your face would be like this..

Be reminded that you're there to get your degree. Not a 4 years vacation.

Having low expectation about everything is good.
Expect everything to be perfect and if something is not, you would freak out.
Unnecessary stress in born.

Yeah, be open minded too considering you'll be with people from all walks of life.
Most of the universities even have international students coming in.

All different culture, background, race and religion.
But it doesn't really matter.
They are as different to us, then we are to them.

Don't hate people because they're different.
Hating for the right reason is as wrong as hating for no reason at all.

After all, we're only humaaan.
Read that again with some Christina Perri's tune. Haha.
Oh, not a fan of her. Never mind..

That's about it for this entry.
Tell me what you guys think in the comment section below.

To all freshmen! Especially to those who are leaving your nest for the first time,

I wish you all the best and do your friends & family a favour do take care of yourself.
With that said, lets usher in the new chapter of our lives.

Viva la Vida!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Top Achievers Not Getting Their Desired Course (Medicine)

Problem: Top Achievers Not Getting Their Desired Course (Medicine)

MoE's Explanation: Only 418 students were offered Medicine courses after discussing with MoH and MMC regarding the skyrocketing number of medical students.

PKR's Response: MoE's action was 'absurd'. PKR urged the MoE to remove its newly-imposed restrictions on entry to medical programs at public universities.

Here goes my worthless (not even worth 2 cents) opinion..

What the Govt did (reducing medical students) was the right move to do!
Considering there are only a few training hospitals in our country.
HO training qualities dropped over the decades as the medical students bloomed.
PKR doesn't seems know the actual situation when they demand the removal of the restrictions.

BUT, implementing this means that MoE must properly filter the medical students that they are accepting. Discrimination and racial factors are to be put aside.
For those who got filtered out, they deserve at least a feedback stating the 'whys' on their failure.
Instead of leaving them in a blank state of mind.

1. STPM vs Matriculation Argument. 

It's obvious that the 4.00 CGPA for STPM > 4.00 CGPA for Matriculation.
It came out in the news once; stating that Matriculation has the same standard as STPM.

Both are equivalent alright. But their standards are definitely not the same.
This is why STPM is recognized worldwide but only certain overseas universities recognizes Matriculation.

Going back to the problem, TOO MANY 4 FLAT students not getting medicine.
I caps locked them. Too many 4 flat-ers.
Solution? Reduce 4 Flat students by increasing the standard for Matriculation exams.
(but sadly it's very unlikely for this to happen due to certain aspects)

Fyi: I'm against universities only accepting 4 Flat students for Medicine courses.

2. Typical Malaysia Mindset

Doctor = Rich + Good Life. This equation was valid. Not anymore.
It's people who go for medicine for the fame and fortune that contributes to the increase death rate as the result of human/medical error. Doctor ain't a easy job bro.

Here's something interesting..
In the UK, when doctor graduates and work for their first time, they called it 'Killing Season' & 'Black Wednesday'. Death rates rises by 6 %. You would be killing people and get away with it if you're not sued.
Check it out here.

Yes, human can't avoid mistakes. In fact, a lot of doctors make mistakes multiple times.
But they don't just go around and tell everyone that. All doctors can do is to minimize them.

How to avoid this type of mindset? Educate the people. (Govt plays a huge role)
Expose students to what is going on around them.
More importantly, help them to explore ALL the courses available.
Broaden up their views or they will be brainwashed by either their family or the pressure from the society to take up medicine for the moneyyy.


Let's face it. Opposition will tend to go against the Govt most of the time.
It's kinda their job (it is) and I did not say that this is a bad thing.
For the Govt to implement something new, please go all out and not *melepaskan batuk di tangga*.
(Wah I still remember peribahasa xD)

I do apologize in advance if any of my statements were inappropriate / incorrect.
(I'm just a kid ~(._.)~ )

Merely sharing my opinion and has no intention to take side on any political parties.
( I dislike politics )

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.. If you want to, that is.
( DO IT ! )

Monday, 4 August 2014


Haven't posted any new entry for a month now.

I've been writing some stuff but i just didn't want to post them yet.
Some were sensitive and some are not quite ready. Plus I'm too shy to post it. Yes, I'm shy. Deal with it.

Well, what's this entry about? Just to express what I've been thinking lately.


If you didn't know, I finished my matriculation and I'm currently waiting for my university offer result (UPU).
Then it got me thinking. I didn't get any scholarships. I'm going to appley for the government loan (PTPTN).
Everything a typical student would be.
Looking at my friends, a lot of them are going to overseas for their degree.
Yeah, some are fully supported by their family and some are fully sponsored (or loans) by organisations.
It's a bitter feeling. Knowing that perhaps I didn't try my best to grab the chances of studying abroad.
I know, studying locally ain't that bad.
But the course that I wanted is not in the local government university.
I had to choose the one closest to it.
The environment would be like Matriculation all over again with a more freedom of course.
Which is not something i'm looking forward to.


Well, on the bright side..
Everyone should be grapefruit for what they get right? I suppose.
Not everybody will get a chance to even have the proper education.
At least, we're not living in a war zone.

Nick Vujicic have no limbs and he's successful. 

Sam Berns has a extremely rare medical condition, but he's still happy.

Their life problems make mine look like a dust.

Bottom line is, there's always two sides to your situation. Positive and Negative.
It's normal to have days where you surrender yourself to your negative thoughts.
But just bear in mind that there always a positive side for you to look at.
Greener side or the silver lining or whatever side you wanted to call it.

Turn your nothing into something.
Good luck for your UPU result.

The difference between a successful person is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. -Vincent Lombardi

Friday, 27 June 2014


Yeah, you heard me right.

I am getting married (hopefully), BUT not anytime soon.

In fact, this whole entry has got nothing to do with my love life!

This is just a prove on how fast people would believe what they are reading online.

Seeing is believing, right? Not really. In fact, A LOT of things we shared are FALSE INFO.

Don't believe me eh? Haha. 

Here are a few examples..

1. WhatsApp

You guys must be very familiar with these messages. Haha.
So, is there any truth behind them? No way.

ANY messages who sounds desperate and ask you to send it to a number of people, most probably it's a fake message. These messages will add on extra 'facts' to make you believe them.

In this WhatsApp Case, 

Jim Balsamic. This dude doesn't even exist yo ! Haha!
The current CEO of WhatsApp is Mr. Jan Koum.

The WhatsApp webpage notes:
Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends. 
I think you got my point already. Enough said on the WhatsApp rumours.

2. Sick Childrens

This picture is the taken from
Don't have to explain much.
Ya'll know that Facebook is never gonna donate money to these people. At least not this way.
Sharing or liking these pictures won't help either.

I seriously don't know why some people are still spreading these things.
Go to a nearby orphanage and help out. You wouldn't be as useless as you are sharing them on social media.
You know what's worse? Most of these pictures sick children are taken from somewhere else without any permission from their families.

How would you feel if someone steal your picture and convey a misleading message with it? 
Not cool right? I know..

Commercial break, here are some interesting misleading stuff online.. Haha !

All jokes aside, now lets get serious.

The two examples above were misleading BUT wont give much effects on our life.
The next example will. In fact, it's even about life and death.

I'll show you examples that are new and are happening close to us.

3. Crime News ( eg: Kidnapping)

Might be a little disturbing.
Have you heard about the news of children getting kidnapped for their organs?
If no, it's a recent rumour about a girl who was abducted and got all her internal organs removed.
Here's the link to the rumour. It contains a bloody image. Check it out!

Is it true? To be honest, I don't know. I don't have enough evidence to say that it's fake.

According to the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), this rumours are not true at all.
It even came out in the news

If the police said it's not true, that's enough evidence right?
I'm not sure. Some citizens claimed that this happened to someone they know and the PDRM are 'covering' up these news to avoid havoc.

Here are some WhatsApp Messages I got regarding the same but unrelated story.

Again, DON'T fully trust these messages as there are no official news from the PDRM regarding this matter.

True or Not, Please do take care of your friends and family around you.

Better be safe than sorry.

4. Reversed ATM PIN Code

This rumour has been around for ages. Yet, people are still spreading it blindly.

The idea of calling the cops by punching your PIN CODE in reverse is well, just an IDEA.
This idea was never implemented by any banks around the world.

This is due to the cons behind this seemingly good idea. Examples?
i. People with mirror PIN code such as 7777 or 9889 would face problems.
They would be calling the police every time they wanted to use the ATM.
ii. Robbers aren't idiots. If this idea is used worldwide, they would know too.
They would probably kill you right away if money is not coming out from the ATM.

What's My Intention in This Entry?

I'm aware that a lot of people are being misguided by false info on the net.

I just gave FOUR examples. You could visit this website if you want to see more fake info online.

Hope that after you read all this, you'll be more aware of your surrounding information.
It wouldn't hurt to spend a few minutes to Google about it before sharing :)

Fasting month is in a few days!
Really miss those moments in college. Waking up as early as 4.30 am to eat.
And sharing all our food we bought from Bazaar Ramadan when breaking fast.
Gosh, can't believe it has already been a year.

Happy Fasting to all my Muslim friends out there !

Please leave a comment to tell me what you think about this entry and how I can improve.
Share it if you want to.
Thank you for your time :D

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Jawatan Perwakilan Pelajar (JPP) is the name of the student councils in Matriculation 
Colleges in Malaysia.

I WAS the Deputy Academic Exco.

I'm going to share SOME of my experience right here.

If I were to share ALL of them, it would be a book instead of a blog entry. Haha!

I find that the things I've learnt and the experience gained are priceless. 

Campaigning Before General Election

I hate politics to be honest. I hate promoting myself. I hate promising things.

But I forced myself to do it as I don't want to leave college with only a good pointer in hand.

About a year ago, I run my campaign together with an awesomely weird friend, Thanis.

Embarrassing ourselves in public was our mission. LOL.. I'm serious.

1.We went into every lecture hall to promote ourselves.

2. We wore a cardboard around our neck; walking around asking people to vote for us.

3. Stood on chairs and giving a random speech in public (Anjung Siswa)

The third one was the most embarrassing one yet. Some students even took videos. LOL! 

Candidates Manifesto Presentations 

From the right; ME , Lee , Thanis

Guess what? All three of us got a spot in the student council :)

My Poster + Manifesto ! Haha.

Yup, that's me in dark blue. I got the highest votes for my Module! Thanks to the awesome people there!

That happiness didn't last long. Soon, something else hit me hard in the face.

I come to realise that after this, I'm going to be carrying a huge responsibility.

Don't believe me? Ask Thanis. Shortly after the announcement of Election winners, Thanis asked me 

Why do i look so down and is something bothering me?

I didn't tell him why. Thanis, If you're reading this, now you know xD 
Overall, the election was unforgettable.

JPP 2013/2014. Our first photo together.
Life After The General Election

Wait, what life? Haha. To be honest. I'm lifeless after the election.
It's either JPP work or Homework. Barely any time for anything else; including studying.

Sometimes, you can find me walking back to my room at 10 pm at night, still in my formal shirt.
Yeah, that means I haven't shower since morning! Haha. But hey, I still smell good. I think :)

Conflict? A normal thing. Shouting, getting emotional, table slamming.. *yawnn

When it comes to events, life gets even busier.
Meetings and more meetings. Phone calls after phone calls.

The JPP room becomes our second room in our college.

Walking in and out of Hal Ehwal Pelajar (HEP) and Pejabat Pentadbiran.

I still remember during sem two, when I'm handling an event.
In every lecture, I will be sitting at the back corner of the lecture hall.

I will only sit at the orange zone (Ignore the 4 classmates of mine. Haha).

Just in case anyone is calling or I need to see the HEP, I will take the red exit ;)

To be honest, I'm not that type that concentrate 100% in lecture or complete ALL of my homework. I NEVER complete ALL my past year and also tutorials in these two semesters.
Kinda shameful. Haha. 

I only seriously study a month before the exam. During that time, I will skip JPP meetings if necessary. Priorities bro..

That's about it. Not much of a life but it was awesome. 

The people I met make everyday a special one :)

What are the new things I've learnt?

1. Event Handling.
2. Negotiating with Outsiders.
3. Paperwork.
4. Works and Friends.
5. Leader and Boss.

So much more. Those are just the surface.
Don't worry, you still have chances to learn all these in universities.

Though, I still have a lot to learn. My skills and knowledge are still as shallow as the river nearby my house.

Over the weekend, I met a few people who literally blow me away with their knowledge.
Let me remind you, exam pointer is as empty as the vacuum of space.
What am I talking about?
Will update about that soon.


Again, the things I shared earlier was just the surface of the deep ocean.
A lot more things happened in between. Dark and Bright fringes.

JPP is NOT the best organisation I've been into. That I have to admit.
But thank God certain people in the group help me have fun there while working.
I really appreciate their commitment and encouragement throughout the whole year.

To be Honest. This is something that is very hard for me to let go. I miss them a lot :)

The Geng. Haha. Sort of.

Lee :)

Siang + Afiq + Thanis = AFTASI  


With 'Botak Legend' & Afiq

Acap & Liana
Wawa !

Geng Selfie

Below is the answer to the previous question.
The man would have to carry the goat first and keep it on the other side (side B) of the river, as the tiger will 'definitely' not eat the grass, even if left alone on side A. After having done this, he will come back from side B, take the tiger from side A along with him and put it on side B. Now, while coming back again from side B, he will again carry the goat with him. This is because, if it is left alone on side B with the tiger, it will be killed. So, he will bring it back to side A, keep it and carry the grass to side B. Now, when he finally returns, he will carry the goat from side A to side B. All are safe and the job is done!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Short Update !

Hey guys! I intend to write on


But, I'm having quite a busy week. So I'm only gonna write about the topic next week.

''What question la bro?''

Oh, you haven't read that question? Click on this link :)

Soo, here's the answer..

ANSWER : 'Which way to your village?' He goes that way. Remember, he needs to go to truth-tellers. If the man is telling the truth, he will direct him in the right direction. If the man is telling a lie, he will direct him in the right direction. Either way, he knows which way to go. An alternative solution is to ask, ''What would the other person tell me to do?'' Then, go the other way.


What ever other questions that use the same concept as above.

Example, an answer from a friend of mine, Irfan Abas; "From which road did u come from?"


So, before I sleep tonight, here's another question. This question is easier and I think most of you heard of it before. But still, test how rusty is your brain? 

QUESTION : There is a river. On one side (say side A) a man is standing with a Bengal tiger, a goat, and a bunch of grass. The man has to transport each of them to the other side (say side B) of the river on a boat. Now, the boat can carry one item at a time along with the man. How will he do it? Remember that, the tiger can kill the goat if not attended by the man, and the goat can eat the grass, when left alone.

You know the drill, answer will be posted on my next entry :) 

Have a great weekend !

Sunday, 8 June 2014

MATRICULATION : Result is Out ! Time for a Self-Reflection ?

If you're reading this you're most probably clicking the link on Facebook or Twitter. 
Which means you're probably on Facebook or Twitter for quite a long time now.
Which means you're probably bored and have nothing else to do. 

So, here's what you can do for the next few minutes.
Since the result is out for a few days now.
It's about time for a self-reflection ( Refleksi Diri ).

What is a Self-Reflection?

Self-Reflection is like a postmortem after an event. This is when you think back on what you've done and the problems that occurred. Bare in mind that even with a perfect pointer, your score is NOT perfect.
Continue reading, I'll explain more later.

Why? So that next time, you don't make the same mistakes and you further improve yourself.
I'm 100% sure that you don't want the same thing to happen when you're in a University.

''It's okay to make mistakes but it's stupid to not learn from them.''

Okay. Now, I'm going to split this into two parts according to results.
If you think that your result is BAD or not that good, read the FIRST part.
If you think that your result is GOOD or perfect, read the SECOND part.
You're more than welcome to read both if you want :)


The only bad thing about getting a bad result is that it's harder to get the course you want in university.
And that's it ! Nothing more. It doesn't mean that you're going to fail in life, or never getting married and so on. Your challenge now is just to struggle and get a place in the university.

During your self reflection, ask yourself these questions..

Improve the way you study. It all comes back to YOU.
No matter how many lecturers you go to, if YOU don't try hard, it's useless.

Try to improve and all the best to you in university !

If you're a KMPk student need any help finding the right course, join this group.


The friendly alumni will help you out. Ask them anything :)

You Might Be Different.

People shouldn't be judged by their exam results.
If you tried hard and still find it hard to score, maybe this is just not your thing.
I know a lot of people with low PNGK but their talent in other area are so damn high.
Leadership, Singing and even in doing business. Some even have knowledge a lot of 4 Flat people don't.

I find this picture very interesting.

I really hope you guys with low pointer don't give up just yet.
Continue searching for what you do best and go for it.
I'm sure you guys heard how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs didn't do well too in college right?
Before that, you must have the right attitude. Like one of my friends here..

Awesome words huh? I really look up to these type of people.
Hope he don't mind me screenshot-ing his post. Haha.
Don't give up on your dreams. Your journey is not over yet :)

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.


First and foremost ...

             ... for getting good grades ! 

Must be satisfying to know that your hard work paid off huh? You guys did well :)
And the best thing about this is that you know for sure that your family (parents especially) are very proud!
Best feeling ever when they smile because of your result!

But, this is not why I'm writing this.
Back to the topic. Self-Reflection.

'' But what is there to reflect? I got good grades! ''

Well, there's where you're WRONG.
You might get 4 flat on your result slip. But think about it; deep down inside..


Think back on how you did during PSPM 2.
Take me for example. For my Physics Paper. My Paper 2 was still considered okay.
My Paper 1 was bad! Due to lack to time, I blindly shaded more than 10 questions.
I barely read nor calculate for all those questions.

That was the last paper before we head home..
After the exam, while everybody is sad about the farewell but I'm dead worried about my paper.
I'm sure SOME of you went through the same situation.

You know that you did badly for that paper. But your result states otherwise. 

And this is only Matrics level. Imagine if you did the same mistakes in STPM or A-level exams.
You'll be crying when your results is out. Just some food for thoughts.

Of course, for those who worked hard throughout the semester, different story la.
You deserve your good grades!
But anyways. That's just a simple reflection.
We got what we aimed for from the beginning. 
Before you labelled me as an ungrateful dude, I am VERY thankful for my result ! 
Couldn't have done it without my Family, Lecturers and Friends.

That face you have when you first find out your grades.


Don't let your exam result influence your life.

You did bad? Look at the bigger picture in life.
Your exam result problem is as small as an atom compare to all the other real problems in the world.

You did great? Good for you. Haha!

Please leave a comment and tell me what do you think about this entry !
I'll try to improve next time :D

All the best in your University Life ~


I'm going to leave you guys with a QUESTION to test 'rusty' brains now.
I'll post the answer in my next blog entry !

QUESTION : A traveler comes to a T-junction in a road leading to two villages. In one village, the people always tell lies, and in the other village, the people always tell the truth. The traveler needs to conduct business in the village where everyone always tells the truth. A man from one of the villages is standing in the middle of the T-junction, but there's no indication of which village he resides in. The traveler approaches the man and asks him just ONE question. From the man's answer, he knows which road to follow. What did the traveler ask?

Monday, 2 June 2014

Choosing a Not-So-Famous Course in University.

I'm a student from Perak Matriculation College.
Yeah, I got a good pointer for my first PSPM (was lucky enough, thank God).

Every single time my friends asked me about what course I applied for in UPU, most of them were shocked.
Okay, here we go. I applied for a degree in counseling in University of Malaya (UM). 
Below are examples of a few faces I received.

Or this might be you right now

Anyways, enough exaggeration. I feel like blogging about this because I really want people to be who they want to be instead of being drifted away in a stream with a strong current built by the society; mainstream.

'What's Your Ambition?'

A common question when we're a kid. I hate this question.

'What Course Do You Want to Take in University?'

A common question for us young 'adults'. I ALSO hate this question.

Both questions are somehow related. Might be a simple question to certain people but to some, this question is harder compare to Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions. Okay, maybe not. but the point is, some group of people allocate tremendous amount of time thinking about this question.

If you ask me how do you solve this dilemma? Its quite simple, I think.
Ask yourself these two questions below.

1. What do you want to DO when you grow up?
Be reminded that what you want to DO and what you want to WORK is two different things.
Personally, I hate the whole concept of 'WORK'. I don't like spending my life on doing something i don't like. *THIS is why people have Monday Blues. THIS is why people get excited when Friday comes.
THIS is why Rebecca Black decided to torture people with a song named Friday.
Just Kidding about her song. I heard her vocal is better now. No offence. She's awesome.

My Personal Answer : I love talking to people. Motivate them to be specific. I dreamed of travelling the world having my own motivational talks in a global scale.

Okay, I'll give you a moment to laugh.. 

Back to the topic. I like motivating people, interacting with crowds.
Hence, I choose a degree which has a higher probability for me to meet a lot of people.
I applied for degrees to be a counselor, a lecturer and also a doctor.

See what i did there? I asked myself of what I want to DO. Then, I pick a relevant Degree.
The next time you want to ask a kid what's his/her ambition, DON'T.
Ask what he or she want to do in her life instead. Let their imagination run wild :)

2. Why do you want to DO what you want to do?
Let me untangle this question for you. After you have answered question number 1, ask yourself Why?
Doing something for the wrong reason is not a good sign at all.

I'll take medicine as an example.
You can have a burning passion in being a Physician, but if you only want to do it for the sake of fortune, then you sir are in the wrong road. You're advised to take the nearest U-turn while available.
This industry (in Malaysia) is already facing a lot of problems with the saturated number of freshmen with limited number of training hospitals. In the future, work is not guaranteed for freshmen anymore. In short, increasing of quantity of 'doctors' are degrading the quality of their service. Not going to go in detail. But if you're interested in these type of problems the medical world is facing right now, I highly recommend you to read this blog.

My Personal Answer : Why I want to motivate people? I love the feeling I got when I know that I successfully influenced or persuade someone to do something. Something good of course. After any speech or public speaking that I did, I felt delighted if someone gave me a positive feedback about what I had said earlier. About how my speech helped him/her in some ways etc etc.. And also other reasons which I'm not going to state. You get what I mean.


1. What if what I want to do is not what a lot of people are doing?

It's not easy to be different. Parents and friends' expectations are all the same.
If you got good grades or pointer, their mind is set to think that you're going for courses like Medicine or Engineering and so on. Well, i think it's time we break this chain. Don't give a damn about what people around you are saying about your decision. If you are really sure that you want something, go ahead and grab it. Work hard on it and pray hard that you'll be successful. I always have this in my mind. For all my friends who ever doubt me in becoming what i want, I can't wait for the moment when I'm successful, I'll find you back and rub it in your face and say just 3 words. I DID IT. Mark my words.
Dare yourself to be different. You only have this ONE live to prove it.
Artist? Actor? Singer? Zoologist? Teacher? Navy?
If your heart want to do something so badly, do it. Not everyone have that type of passion.

2. What if I don't get a JOB by the time I graduate?

This is what everyone is afraid of. But hey, let me tell you this. There will be jobless doctors in the future.
Everyone will worry about this. So, its not just you.

Recently, in the UM Counseling interview, I was interviewed by a very nice lady. She was the Head of something in the Counseling department. I forgot her position. At the end of my interview, i told her about my worries about not getting a job after graduating. Her reply was; ''You should worry about getting your degree first. There are plenty of jobs out there. About being the minority, who knows you might be the one who changes everything ''.

See, she's telling us to not only look at the small picture. It's not merely just study and work.
The bigger picture is that how we can revolutionise what might seem to be the minority right now to be something big in the future.

To conclude, you have only ONE life to live. Don't do what other people want you to do.
It's not their life. It's yours. You be the Boss to decide what you want.
Set aside on what other people thinks about you. Set your own goal and work hard to achieve it.

That's about it for this entry. I'm very sleepy and tired right now. 
Everything i wrote is just my opinion. I don't claim for all those facts to be true.
Feel free to give me your feedback and comment if you're against any of my opinions. I'm ready to listen :)

The sentence with * means that I took some of the idea from a Malaysia Youtuber Mr Aiman Azlan.
Aside from being a great speaker, he's actually a very humble and nice guy. I really look up to him.

Till we meet again.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

USM Doctor of Medicine Interview

When my seniors say prepare to travel around Malaysia after your Matriculation exam, 
I thought they were kidding.

The USM interview results came out during our Peperiksaan Semester Peringkat Matrikulasi 2 (PSPM 2). Quite a lot of my friends got the interview as well.

Medicine and Dentistry 's interview is at the Health Campus which is located in Kubang Kerian. 

Yes, Kelantan.
For courses like Engineering and Pharmacy, the interview is located at the main campus which is in Penang. My Beloved hometown. Haha!

How to get there?

The first question that came to my mind. Thought of going to my roommate's house which is a 15 minutes trip to USM Health Campus. But then my parents are doubtful and so they travel with me all the way to the land called Kelantan by bus. From Penang, it's a 7 HOURS trip! Pretty tiring. We stayed at Tune Hotel. A rather cheap hotel with good atmosphere. No, they're not pay me to say this. Lol. 

This part is not important so I'll keep it short. Haha.

The Interview 

I was scheduled to register for the afternoon session. 2.15pm.
During registration, they demand for your IC, SPM cert and also they go through all your certs.

Then, they'll lead you to your interview rooms. There's about 10 interview rooms with 4 chairs outside of each room.

To be honest, everyone there is your friend. You can start speaking to anyone and they'll do just the same. Though, I was quite happy to meet a couple of my friends whom i did not expect to see and also meet a few new awesome people.

When i was waiting for my turn (seated outside the interview room), I was chit chatting with the people who sit near me. We were laughing away by cracking stupid jokes and stuff. Hahaa.
Met a few 'SeLENGorians'! << Inside joke here. Don't worry if you don't understand. Lol.

It's not long before its my turn for the interview.
*Insert some scary music*

The interviewers introduced themselves as Dr Azlan and Dr Wong.
Then they brief me about the interview procedures. There are 2 phases.
First phase is The Self Introduction + Why You Choose Medicine.
Second phase is Reaction to a Given Scenario.
You must speak English in either one phase, and speak Malay in another.
Meaning, if you choose to speak English during Phase 1, you have to speak Malay during Phase 2 and vise versa.

I started with English and introduced myself and talk about my backgrounds. Bla bla bla..
As i talked they look through my Folder containing my certs.
After I explained on why I choose Medicine, the started to bombard me with questions like 'why this? and 'why not that?' type of questions. They even ask me about my scouting days. Haha. Days of gold.
We spend quite a long time on 'why i choose medicine' part. I explained everything including what i like to specialise in and why. They asked me quite a lot of questions that time. Questions include, "Why USM?", "What do you think of the Houseman Probation Period is for", etc etc.

Next part, it's in BM. The scenario given to me was okay i guess. ''An unmarried girl in your college is pregnant and goes to you for some help. She asked you to go to the hospital with her to have an abortion.'' They gave me a minute to read. So i just imagine if that really happen to me, what would i do. I explained everything and there's actually a moral value behind it all. I was quite amaze about how true it is when Dr Azlan explained to me afterwards.

Moral behind the Scenario: Know your own limitation. Period. 

The interview session with this two Doctors was amazing. There were times whereby we laughed and there were times we were quite serious. At the end, they asked me if I have any questions in mind to ask them. My brain did not generate any good question at that time. So I asked them a completely unrelated question. Dang it!

I should've ask them a more beneficial question.
It's right after i walked out of that room that i think of some questions to ask them.
So, it's a lost for me. I mean, how often you get to ask two great doctors any questions you want?

After the interview, there's a personality test. Don't worry. They're just some objective questions.
Nothing much to worry here. Just be honest and answer all those questions. No time limit is given.



I've been wanting to say this for a long time.
I dislike preparing for an Interview !
I dislike reading up facts about the universities (for the sake of the interview) !
I HATE memorising facts about the courses (for the sake of the interview) !
Yaada yaada yada..

Interview suppose to be about finding the right person for the company/ university.
Just be who you are. Everyone is unique in their own ways.
If I were the interviewer in a university, a student who knows all the histories and the names of the management doesn't really impress me.

Well, some might disagree and say ''Hey! Doing research about your university shows how much you want that course they're offering''.
I agree with that but traveling hundreds of kilometers for the sake of an interview is already a good proof and during the interview, the interviewers are smart enough to see who is really passionate and who is not.

My interview overall was okay I guess but there are still
a lot of rooms for improvements.

I would also like to express my gratitude to all of my seniors ( KMPk and also Jambulian Seniors) who shared their stories with me before and after the interview. Thank you so much!

To wrap this up, I presume you're reading this because you have an interview soon.
So, All the Best. Just be who you are. God Bless :)